I still can’t believe it. I said to my husband on last Friday evening when he came home, “I love you honey but I must attend this twitter party that get a sponsor is hosting.”  He looked at me and pretended not to hear. When 6pm hit I proceded to bring my dinner to the computer {only a few feet away} and started up the ole’ Tweet Chat {hash Tag #Getasponsor}. The party was 1 hour and 30 minutes {of course right around the time our bumpkins eat dinner and then go to bed} But while it was going on, the time flew by.

I think because I had already programmed my evening and how it was going to happen.  Kids were on auto pilot with Daddy.  I was in the Zone.  My Lenz Love blog oozes my true self.  So, every answer to their questions just flowed like water from a faucet.  Without thought or caution.  It felt so good & real.  I love this blog!!!  I love Photography and I hope that was noticed throughout the party.  Apparently it was because I won!  I won two fabulous prizes just for being me. A won a gorgeous picture by incourage hand crafted for me {or at least I want to think so..LOL}….AND…..are you ready for this?

  • A full conference pass to the Type-A Mom Conference in Ashville, North Carolina for 3 full days, September 24-26, 2010. 

Insert from get a sponsor site:

The conference will feature some of the most influential, admired and insightful mom bloggers talking about topics like power social networking, branding, blogging, finding your voice, and turning your passion for blogging into a real paycheck.

How absolutely fabulous is that!!!  But this is when the work begins for me.  There are other incidentals that must be taken care of, i.e. hotel, airfare, etc.. So I will be looking to get a sponsor because there would nothing sweeter than to attend a conference and to be able to represent the brand(s) I love.  I have a few in mind 😉

However, the thing is…I’m picky.  I am pretty specific about the type of company I would love to represent.  For me getting a sponsor goes beyond someone paying for airfare.  It truly is a relationship of two like-minded individuals that see the same vision.  This is what I’ll be looking for.  Photography is not just a hobby for me.  I see the image in real-time framed in my mind and try to capture it.

Since I recently attended Bloggy boot Camp in Phoenix Arizona, I understand the value and knowledge attending one of these type of conferences can bring to both moms and businesses.  If you are interested in creating a working relationship with me and Photography being the focus please contact me.