Jun 28, 2010
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On my twins birthday a few weeks ago we took the kids to a nearby farm and they fell in love with Owen.  Owen could quite possible be their next new BFF and he doesn’t even know.  From the moment we walk into “his space” he always greats us now.  He walks side by side and never leaves us.  Never giving us direct eye contact but always looking at us.

Owen had a brother too.  Not sure if we should call her/him Emma yet.  Couldn’t quite figure things out.  But she/he sure was cute.

This is our new favorite spot.  The kids and I go over there and feed the horses quite frequently now.  The Goats don’t seem to like our carrots much.  I know they eat straw/grass but they didn’t seem to interested in that either. Maybe I should bring them a Big Mac next time and see if that tantalizes their taste buds :-)


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