Aug 25, 2010

I love documenting!  I work best with lists they truly keep me happy.  Now that you are aware I have a slight case of OCD and that I can make my eye pop, I want to share with you what’s shakin on my list of goals for the next 30 days that I posted on last week.

I put all of my logo’s I created into one file and thought it would be fun to hold a vote on which one you all like the best.  Well, my dear sweet, too kind husband wiped my hard drive CLEAN in hopes it would speed up my computer.  Urghhh…I say that with a smile.  Needless to say, I’ll need to re-create all my logos again {did I tell you there were five} Urghhhh…again!!

For processing my images I primarily use Photoshop CS5 but I’m learning to appreciate Lightroom for clients.  “Learning”.  And…hoping to learn loads about batch editing tonight while soaking up the fabulous Jared Platt and all of his knowledge.

I’ve been a little disappointed that I haven’t been able to take many photos this week especially since it’s just days now before my twins start Kindergarten.  So many things to do and so little time.  That’s the story of our lives right!  I love being busy, so you’ll always see me smiling if I’m super tired!  How crazy is that.

Why the picture above?  Because I’m silly and life should be fun!!  This will be the very rare picture you see of me.  Not because I’m shy but because I’m always in back of the camera :-)

That’s about it.  What’s new with you guys?   Week 2 is next!