One of the things I’ve struggled with as a new Photographer/newly professional is finding my path.  By that I mean, my style.  It seems to change quite often depending on my mood for the day.  If I’m feeling romantic, you’ll notice the photos look a bit dreamy.  If I’m feeling snuggly, they tend to look a bit warm and darker in color.  One of the things I love most about some of my favorite photographers is their consistency. I know each and everytime the photo might be different but the style is always the same.

Over the next 30 days I’ll be doing some soul searching and mass picture taking to figure out what type I am.  I feel I’m set with a style but I need to hone in on it and stay consistent.  I love photos that look natural. Nothing over processed, but I find myself constantly adding things in my post processing process – do you?   I recently joined a local group here in town of very fabulous, fresh minded creative photographers.  Learning things like post processing in batches and just being around like-minded individuals, I’m hoping the knowledge will pour through my photos.  Here are a few of my goals over the next 30 days and I hope you’ll chime in if you see a difference:

  1. Settling in on my logo.  This has changed constantly.  Since I do all the design on all my blogs, I’m always getting new ideas and wanting to change them.  I adore change, can you tell?
  2. Creating actions that best fit my style of Photography. I love creating actions and playing with free ones that are available.  This is the best part for me.
  3. Really getting the post processing down so that I can produce a ton of pictures with my style editing. I love CS4 for creating my actions, Lightroom for viewing and flickr for sharing.
  4. Creating my website.  I truly want my website to be apart of my blog.  It’s too much maintenance otherwise.  I’ll be creating a free flowing template to match my style pictures and one that fits seamlessly with the current blog.
  5. Truly know and understand my craft.  There’s no rush.  When I offer a client a portrait session I want to know that they are going to get the best set of photos ever!! Period!
  6. Find a sponsor – This is two fold.  There are so many conferences I want to attend for 2011 and they are not free.  Photography is an expensive hobby & career.  The burden of paying for all that just is too much.  I’ll be searching over the next couple of months for products & companies that are a “true fit” for me and them.

That’s it guys…make sure to pop in on me to see how it’s going.  I love feedback so don’t be shy.  I’m always more likely to pop over to your spot if I see you frequently.

BTW – I ordered my first Camera Bag and it should be here by Friday.  Want to know what it is and how much it was? click Here

  • Well… I love how large your photos are on this blog. (Gorgeous portrait, btw). I hope the soul style search goes well for you and look forward to seeing you post the “results”… always remember that your style is evolving – – and thank goodness it gets better with each evolution (love growth). Can’t wait to see the new website. Click happy!

  • Hi Rachelle,
    I love the photos big too! bigger the better, I want to see it all. I can’t wait to see the new site too…LOL. It will be a minute before I begin, I’m not rushing anything and I love to do it all myself. Though I’m not a programmer or designer I’ve loved the process of learning how to code, design and create.

    I’m popping over to your site now :-)

  • Fantastic goals, and fantastic for you to write them down..I’m a big believer in written down goals. :) Good luck in your soul searching! :)

  • This is such a beautiful post and I wish you much success! Although I am not a photographer I have a love and true appreciation for photography and I love coming here to get my fill. I’m going to add your fb page to my page’s favorites! I feel the need to share your talent!

  • btw – your camera bag is super cute! love it!

  • Ahh, your so sweet Wendy! And I’ve seen your pics, they are lovely :-)

  • I’m so in Love!

  • It sounds like you’re making big changes over here! I’ve always loved your site and your work and I’m sure I will continue to no matter what changes and improvements you make!

  • Your images are wonderful. I LOVE that they aren’t overprocessed and love the clarity and emotion in them. Good luck with your new adventures!