Happy New Year!!

I’ve seen it, I’ve read it and I truly never thought I could fit it in. But I thought to myself, “self” – {are you laughing out loud?} self, you take pictures everyday anyway. Why not take another second to upload it. So….I am! I will be expiermenting with the 365 Project for 2011.  I know I’m biting off allot this year so I’m going to be realistic with myself and how I plan on making through the whole year.  Here’s the plan, I’ll take a picture a day and upload it to my Flickr.  Then, I’ll do one post per week to maybe recap and/or share with you all my flickr link so you can see what’s been going on for the week.

Sound good?  This will also force me to blog at least once a week over here.  I love blogging!  There are so many fabulous things on and around the bloggy world.  Do you have a favorite blog?  I’de love some new reading material.

So..onto the picture.  Today was super chill! Did you stay up until midnight last night?  I had some appointments, dance class for my daughter and a birthday party to attend.  Well, let me tell you what actually happened.  We went to my daughter’s class to only find out they were closed {Yep, make sure to slow down so you don’t make this mistake}.  The birthday party, Nope!  didn’t make it because of my prior made appointments.  My prior made appointments, well….I made one.  Why you ask?  I have been sick as a dog for the past 3 days.

So this picture is a great reminder of my day.  My mom & dad made our traditional Southern Gumbo that is sure to make your eyes water and wrapped up my gran to bring it over and try to nurse me back to health.  It was a perfect ending to my long sick day.

I hope you follow me on this journey.  I look forward in hearing if any of you guys are doing this project too!

Oh and by the way, if all goes well…hopefully by Tuesday my website will up & running.  So excited!  It’s like decorating your home.  I can’t wait to have a virtual welcoming party.