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Close your eyes. Are they closed?  Ok, now picture this.  Have you ever walked into a room and passed someone, just a person that you would normally have not even noticed?  But….when you passed by them their scent just took you in?  almost as if someone was turning your head to follow them?  The scent that just makes you smile and makes you want to sit next to them?  Yes I’m “that” person.  I love beautiful smelling scents.  Musically & scent driven…that’s me!

My latest obsession is the Bloog Orange & Vanilla Body Milk and Wash by John Masters Organics.  Delish!!!  The thing I love most about this scent is when your outside and the wind is blowing it adds such a naturally sweet aroma to the air.  You will want to eat it up. You can pick up a bottle at your local Whole Foods, but of course check out their Facebook Page{my playground}.  Go check them out!

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