Yesterday I started the first of five days at the fab WPPI conference here in Las Vegas.  Mommy at a conference meant Cowboy had the kid-lets and they loved every minute of it.  We’ve all been terribly sick over the past two two weeks so there hasn’t been too much going on with 103 & 105 temps.  I think the one person that’s been truly affected by all this sitting inside getting well business is…..chunk.  He has the boy spirit like there is no body’s business.  If he’s not outside for at least 5 minutes in a days time, he’s going through withdrawals.  He doesn’t care what he does, doesn’t care who he’s with…just wants to be outside.  He so didn’t get this from me.  I can attribute all of this nature loving to daddy and his Montana hot blood.


While he waited for daddy to get dressed, sissy to primp in the mirror just to go outside and play…I snapped these pics of him waiting….waiting and waiting for anyone to come outside and play with him.

I love my little man, he’s going to be a very handsome, strong & loving man!