May 10, 2011
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I usually do a mini shoot with the kids when they have birthdays.  Nothing new!  Except this year they wanted their own.  Not together…..Eeekkkkkk!!!  My twins not together in a birthday photo just broke my heart.  As a mom of multiples, I see everything in double.  This was even the first year they had a request as to how the shoot should go.  Are we there yet?

I usually do a cute girly dress for my little peanut in some kind of pastel  colors and make it super whimsical.  Nope…..not this year.  She wanted a rock star look.  Seriously! ?!???  I’m thinking this shoot, this one was for her.  I think I’ll still need my mommy fix and do another as their birthdays come closer just to appease me….the mommy of the group.

Without further ado…..the almost birthday girl….peanut/rockstar!

……oh and the crooked glasses just kill me.  She insisted they were on right!