I love that my kids are asking me to join sports now.  I put them in a few things a few years back, you know the usual, ballet, karate…etc.  But they seemed to only do it because..well, I signed them up!  But now,…..oh they are asking to join sports and I love it!

My daughter really loved Ballet so we went ahead and put her back into that.  Little did I know that it also included tap this time around.  What a nice little “loud” surprise.

For me, watching her face as she tries to keep her legs up and straightening her arms to make the perfect circle…they just put me in a quivering tear state.  Of course I don’t do it {yet} in her class but my lips do quiver.  She melts my heart watching her heart try so hard.  I’ve never seen her work so hard at something.  I had no idea you could love one little being so much and not leave you just ill.  She’s my littlest peanut.  I adore her. When she breathes, I feel her breath. When she laughs, I burst into hysteria.  Who would have know something so tiny could bring this much joy {times two – really}.

This has to be my favorite photo from her 3rd class.  The teacher was showing them the finale of the show and they all didi it together.  So adorable.

tennis…to be continued……..

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