Nov 29, 2011
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What do you dream about at night?  Or during the day for that matter.  When the house is still and I’m left with my thoughts, I dream about all things photography.  I know I know a bit of a cliché but it’s true.  I think about locations to shoot, things to say to my clients to get them to move into the position I want.  What time of day…..seriously, I love this stuff.  My hubby has even told me he’s seen me smile and giggle in my sleep – I’m sure it was about a lens…hehehehe.

*shameless personal Christmas plug – Um Santa, In case you didn’t know I truly want the Canon EF 85mm f1.2L II USM
{just sayin}*

Anyway, back to the topic….I saw this next shoot in my dreams, no seriously I did.  And can I tell you…it so came true.  When I took out the card and popped it into the computer – I had chills!

Take a moment, because I did.  I loved everything about this sweet family and getting to know them more…. was icing on the cake.

Their beautiful love affair started 11 years ago and seamlessly shines it’s love through their smiles when they look at each other and their more than handsome son.  Spending an hour with them was like being on your favorite carnival ride. Effortless fun!  and can I say that when she said to me, “shoot wherever you like and however you want”..I think I literally lit up :-)

When I shot “the” image for their Christmas Cards, I knew it!  I knew it was the one. … and because I love the element of surprise, I can’t share it in case they have family members that might pop over {or subscribe} to my blog…BUT…I have to tell you it’s MY FAVORITE that I have EVER shot!  Seriously, it’s that perfect.  Do you remember my mention of the Tattoo artist I know here in Vegas on the gorgeous Litwalk post?  Chad is also an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G artist as well in that same shop.

without further ado…

….meet the James Family