Nov 28, 2011
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Taking pictures is like weaving a blanket.  For me anyways…lol.  It’s brought great connections in my community, family and blog.  Having the opportunity to photograph friends and friends of friends have brought so many wonderful special gifts.  All emotional.  I love to get to know people better.  I want to know them.  Getting to know what makes them cry, smile and laugh is what it’s all about.  I just love it!   All that mushy gushy stuff, yep..that’s me.

I watched this beautiful family welcome their newest member of their family in the late summer.  There aren’t enough words to describe this little beauty.  And her brother, watch out world…if his beautiful eyes doesn’t take you, his laugh will.

Jime is one of 3 Tattoo Artist I know here in Vegas and let me emphasize on the artistry part.  So make sure to head over to their Facebook Page, like them and check em out.

Thanks to the Litwalks for letting me into their home and capture their absolutely warm, super sweet family.  Hoping I don’t spoil any Christmas Card pics, I’ll only be sharing a small few…

Meet….The Litwalks

  • Love your blanket analogy…photography has brought me so much more than I could ever explain. These are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. :)