This day to me is all about being comfortable with the people you love the most.  Right?  Eating good food, doing nothing but smiling, laughing and for heavens sake…being comfortable.  However, this is also the time everyone pulls out there camera {i.e. me}  to take that “forever lasting” picture of you that you didn’t plan for.

There is such a thing as “being cute” and “being comfortable”.  It takes a bit of work but I try to pull it off as often as I can with two little ones in toe all the time. Here’s a little outfit I put together to let you see what I consider a Thanksgiving Comfort outfit.

by the way….I’m in love with this sweater, just in case anyone wants to tell Santa…lol

For me, this works!  I’m usually cold because someone will have the windows open because they’re sensitive to smells.  Plus, I always carry all of my hubby’s gadgets {phone, wallet…i.e.things to weigh down my purse}  in my bag so having a big enough “cute” purse is essential.    What are you wearing on Thanksgiving day?

Thanksgiving Day Comfort


Dorothy Perkins tie sweater
$49 us dollars –

Wet Seal denim skinny jeans
$33 –

Tory Burch flat heel shoes
$127 –

Mango woven bag
70 –  $109 us dollars

Dorothy Perkins gold tone jewelry
$11 us dollars –

sweet potato pie