I love this time of year because it allows me time to reflect and remember just how quickly  time flies.  Our babies are turning 7 this week.

I put down my camera and focused on our new home for the past 7 months and it’s been hard.  It’s been hard not having a piece of my day to look at via my heavy camera. BUT, we are kinda all settled into the new digs and today….today I did it!  I picked up my camera and we hung out all day.  It was as if I could breathe again.  What could be more enticing for my lens put to point it at my babies.  I love capturing them.  They are my constant little muses.  We’ve only been in our home for a little over 2 weeks now but the mess, the boxes, the unorganized chaos didn’t stop us from enjoying a family afternoon of BBQ and water.  Well, “water hose” that is.  Since we couldn’t get on the “freshly installed grass”, the kiddie pies thought it would be just as fun to turn on the water hose and drench each other.

Remember when life was so sweet?  Remember when you didn’t need the fancy gadgets or a pool or….any kind of fancy anything.  Just you, the earth and an imagination?  That’s what I’ve missed.  Watching our babies dream.  Capturing their little minds at work. Oh camera I’ve missed you.  I’ve missed it all.

As the summer progresses I’ll be gearing up for Holiday pics but for now, I’m enjoying the simple things….Living the dream at age 7!

And by the way, she totally thinks she’s a rock star…we totally support it!