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camera pencil sharpener

camera pencil sharpener

There has been much transformation on this blog since the beginning of it all. From the logo design, the layout and just overall style. The one thing that has stayed consistent is what I want for this blog. A place for me to share my growth, sessions with clients and my life. In 2012 I spent much of the year growing my other divisions, here, here, here and here. These are all maintained and created by little ole’ me. I do have the occasional guest writer but mainly all me (See why there hasn’t been a whole lot of client sessions or classes this year?

The one thing that I noticed has been missing in me this year is my photography. An outlet for me to feed my creative side, my need to capture side. I make no claim to be an expert so the need for ongoing classes and sessions with other creative individuals is a MUST. And in 2012 this has not happened…BOOHOO boohoo!!

I’m fixing that this year. More me time = more camera time = happy mommy!

I live in an a-mazing city! Las Vegas has a great selection of locations to capture and I plan on hitting them (no pressure – no seriously, no pressure. I’m a mama to twins and there is only so much time in a day but I plan on using as much of it as I can to capture). We have more travel planned for this year and nothing pleases me more than to capture a beautiful location.

Working so hard over this year has forced me to want to chill. Chill more with my babies, chill at home to enjoy every bit of it and put some serious restrictions on my work day.

Here’s to a fabulous year…2013. AND….. Because Santa ( and by Santa I mean working hard all year…lol) was so sweet to me this year, I know it’s going to be great!

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