I dread my birthday. I do and I’m sad to admit that. I dread it because it’s a confirmation that not only am I getting older but I reflect on am I truly where I wanted to be? Reality checker I guess.

This year I decided to do something a little different.  My cousin (an amazing principal and person) recently had a birthday and celebrated all week.  Not elaborate things but special things to her. I loved that idea to pieces so I decided to go that route this year also.  My week was A-mazing!  Why?  Because I made it amazing.  Seeing prince (Yes, I’m a HUGE prince fan – make-up and all), dining at all my favorite places and spending time with my favorite peeps.

I have to admit, having a party everyday took the pressure off of the actual “birthday”.  Do you know what I mean?  The pressure of, “hmmm…..wonder what we’re going to do today”.  On my actual birthday, I relaxed and enjoyed my family. Seriously, this is the way I will be doing it up from now going forward, finances in line of course.

My sweet mother always gives me flowers on my birthday.  I love it and look forward to it.  However, this year she gave me one of my favorite flowers (I have two).  Have you ever seen a sunflower that has color added and changes the water?  I had not and I fully fell in love with this gem. I mean, the sunflower in general is stunning but the added color…it truly almost didn’t look real it was so gorgeous.

Here’s to many more birthdays , time spent with loved ones who get you and special flowers.

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