mother – daughter photography session |

I imagine having pictures with my mom.  The person you cling to as a child, the one who makes everything better and the one you finally “get” after you move out and struggle on your own.  Your mom.

When sweet Urian mentioned her mom Eleanor was going to be in town, even though I knew work was taking all of my extra brain cells and energy; I had to try and find the time and energy to photograph her and her mom.  Rather your session with your photographer is scheduled or spontaneous, having photos taken with loved ones is timeless.  It’s something that you can never do again in that space and time; ever!  Whatever you have going on is what will be captured through imagery.  It’s one of the very things I love about photography; mainly editorial photography.  It tells a story that you might not ordinally have noticed.

One of the things I miss most about meeting new clients is making new friends.  In a session, I get to meet these beautiful souls that I know I already have something in common with because of my photography.  And these two souls in the imagery below are like no other.

One of the reasons I wanted this session so bad was to have the opportunity to practice shooting the way I edit. Shooting this way might sound super easy but oh man am I out of practice! This technique was extremely hard to do since I’m not regularly shooting anymore, AND…admittidly, digital photography has made me slightly Lackadaisical in seeing my final vision while I’m shooting. However, I did end up doing a few tweaks but nothing like I would have traditionally done through the process of editing. Some boosts, so the image doesn’t appear so flat and twists of the curves. That’s it! I’m hoping to continue to get better at shooting the way I see the image so that I can spend less time editing and more time enjoying the beauty in what I see.  There’s one image in this shoot I had to show twice, it’s so beautiful small and big – do you know which one?

Please meet Urian and her mom Eleanor – strong, beautiful, multicultural and generational women of color that have talent and wisdom oozing from their being. I felt blessed just having the opportunity to hear their conversation.  I not only received a brief educational lesson on black athletes in the South, a spiritual uplift from mama herself but the most beautiful moments of all, the prayer and dancing with laughter.  I miss shooting so much my bones ache!

Enjoy these two beautiful spirits!