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The moments pass me.   Not sure how I feel about missing tidbits just yet but I do know that now … since I’m out of our forever home working full-time, I find it harder to capture the moments.


the moments


The moments I use to thrive on to make it through the day.


the secrets


The secrets I would hear them sharing amongst a homemade teepee.  The same little people who drive me to the crazy of my day, I miss. I miss their smiles.   I miss their bickering of the silliest of thing.  the curl of peanuts neck when she’s pouting. The rosiness in chunks cheeks when he’s playing ball.  These little people are the derivative of love. Love that I need from my cowboy like a drug.  A 25 year old drug that I never want to go to counseling for.

They are us in a new way.  More spunkier, more direct. more defiant, more blunt and you know what?  I hate it so much I love it.  They are us ….but new and improved.  So smart, charismatic and savvy. I adore these little humans.  Yes, they drive me up the wall but that’s only because they are so far beyond anything that I can achieve and I’m trying to catch up :-)


What I’m doing about that is this….a challenge…for myself, no one but little ole me.

I no longer have “paying” clients BUT what I do have is time to capture what I want and how I want.  remember that?  i truly couldn’t so I’m stepping into uncharted territory.  Or should I say territory that I haven’t stepped into for a very long while.  I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m not sure where it will take me but i’m looking forward to connectections it will bring me, the growth and experiences….

Jul 06, 2012

I don’t know where I keep coming up with these meme titles but they strike and then I post. Random I know but that pretty much sums up my life right now and I’m welcoming it.  My little peanut{s} always have the funniest and  cutest little faces, I just had to share!  Hope you all had a great 4th of July!


I love this time of year because it allows me time to reflect and remember just how quickly  time flies.  Our babies are turning 7 this week.

I put down my camera and focused on our new home for the past 7 months and it’s been hard.  It’s been hard not having a piece of my day to look at via my heavy camera. BUT, we are kinda all settled into the new digs and today….today I did it!  I picked up my camera and we hung out all day.  It was as if I could breathe again.  What could be more enticing for my lens put to point it at my babies.  I love capturing them.  They are my constant little muses.  We’ve only been in our home for a little over 2 weeks now but the mess, the boxes, the unorganized chaos didn’t stop us from enjoying a family afternoon of BBQ and water.  Well, “water hose” that is.  Since we couldn’t get on the “freshly installed grass”, the kiddie pies thought it would be just as fun to turn on the water hose and drench each other.

Remember when life was so sweet?  Remember when you didn’t need the fancy gadgets or a pool or….any kind of fancy anything.  Just you, the earth and an imagination?  That’s what I’ve missed.  Watching our babies dream.  Capturing their little minds at work. Oh camera I’ve missed you.  I’ve missed it all.

As the summer progresses I’ll be gearing up for Holiday pics but for now, I’m enjoying the simple things….Living the dream at age 7!

And by the way, she totally thinks she’s a rock star…we totally support it!

May 10, 2011
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I usually do a mini shoot with the kids when they have birthdays.  Nothing new!  Except this year they wanted their own.  Not together…..Eeekkkkkk!!!  My twins not together in a birthday photo just broke my heart.  As a mom of multiples, I see everything in double.  This was even the first year they had a request as to how the shoot should go.  Are we there yet?

I usually do a cute girly dress for my little peanut in some kind of pastel  colors and make it super whimsical.  Nope…..not this year.  She wanted a rock star look.  Seriously! ?!???  I’m thinking this shoot, this one was for her.  I think I’ll still need my mommy fix and do another as their birthdays come closer just to appease me….the mommy of the group.

Without further ado…..the almost birthday girl….peanut/rockstar!

……oh and the crooked glasses just kill me.  She insisted they were on right!