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Nov 28, 2011
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Taking pictures is like weaving a blanket.  For me anyways…lol.  It’s brought great connections in my community, family and blog.  Having the opportunity to photograph friends and friends of friends have brought so many wonderful special gifts.  All emotional.  I love to get to know people better.  I want to know them.  Getting to know what makes them cry, smile and laugh is what it’s all about.  I just love it!   All that mushy gushy stuff, yep..that’s me.

I watched this beautiful family welcome their newest member of their family in the late summer.  There aren’t enough words to describe this little beauty.  And her brother, watch out world…if his beautiful eyes doesn’t take you, his laugh will.

Jime is one of 3 Tattoo Artist I know here in Vegas and let me emphasize on the artistry part.  So make sure to head over to their Facebook Page, like them and check em out.

Thanks to the Litwalks for letting me into their home and capture their absolutely warm, super sweet family.  Hoping I don’t spoil any Christmas Card pics, I’ll only be sharing a small few…

Meet….The Litwalks

Holidays….urgh!!!  wait wait…that’s not a bad urgh.  It’s a …wow, it’s a crazy busy sound and that’s phenomenal.  Being behind the camera all the time is an amazing experience.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  But sometimes it’s always good to get out in front of the camera and see how your clients feel.  What better practice for you as a photographer than during holiday season.  Everyone needs holiday cards..right???  right!

Meet Denise & Family.   Beautiful accent and smile that can fill a room.  She’s beautiful!  There’s nothing sweeter than to watch the interaction of husband and wife with their child.  They are sweet to watch……..

Every year I photograph this family and every year I love it more.  Now, I have to give a bit of history because you’ll need to know this.

Prior to myself taking their portraits, this sweet family only went to the studio like everyone else does.  And don’t get me wrong, when you need pictures and have a tight schedule, department store pictures are an option.  However, I did a little begging and a we did some last minute planning and then…wa-la!  A session was booked….3 years ago.

I’ve been trying to get this cute little family to let me photograph them in the summer for Christmas Card pictures and finally….finally….after 3 years of shooting them, they are finally on board. They understand and get what boutique lifestyle photography is and it’s about how you live.   I can’t wait to see those future images!

I love that being able to photograph a family, a child or a newborn I get to see that special “the moment” …whatever it is.  The moment when your makeup isn’t just right and your hair wasn’t quite in place.  Or, that snort laugh was captured instead of the pretty smile you thought you wanted.  I love “that” moment.  I love it!

Jul 01, 2011
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I rarely get the opportunity to photograph other family members and definitely not an itty bitty like this one so it was such a beautiful gift to me.  As this year is winding down I’ve narrowed in on my passion in photography.  The one thing that I know and the one thing that I can do all day!  Babies & newborns.  It truly couldn’t get any better for me than to be privileged enough to capture something to pure, so innocent and untainted by anything like itty bitties.

The happiest baby you will ever see!  Seriously, she only cried to get a bottle.  To me, that is heaven!  Giggles, bubbles, laughing, smiling, this little angel had it all and she even did a little posing for me.

and my absolute fave…..watching a baby sleep is so precious, peaceful, joyful all wrapped up into one.  Thanks fam for letting me capture your cute little peanut.