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The moments pass me.   Not sure how I feel about missing tidbits just yet but I do know that now … since I’m out of our forever home working full-time, I find it harder to capture the moments.


the moments


The moments I use to thrive on to make it through the day.


the secrets


The secrets I would hear them sharing amongst a homemade teepee.  The same little people who drive me to the crazy of my day, I miss. I miss their smiles.   I miss their bickering of the silliest of thing.  the curl of peanuts neck when she’s pouting. The rosiness in chunks cheeks when he’s playing ball.  These little people are the derivative of love. Love that I need from my cowboy like a drug.  A 25 year old drug that I never want to go to counseling for.

They are us in a new way.  More spunkier, more direct. more defiant, more blunt and you know what?  I hate it so much I love it.  They are us ….but new and improved.  So smart, charismatic and savvy. I adore these little humans.  Yes, they drive me up the wall but that’s only because they are so far beyond anything that I can achieve and I’m trying to catch up :-)


What I’m doing about that is this….a challenge…for myself, no one but little ole me.

I no longer have “paying” clients BUT what I do have is time to capture what I want and how I want.  remember that?  i truly couldn’t so I’m stepping into uncharted territory.  Or should I say territory that I haven’t stepped into for a very long while.  I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m not sure where it will take me but i’m looking forward to connectections it will bring me, the growth and experiences….

It’s official!  We’ve been in our “forever” home now for 8 months. I know I know, doesn’t seem like a big mile store for celebration but it’s almost how long it took us to get into this home… so everyday is a milestone for us!  We have checked out all the little nooks and crany’s – you know what you do when you move into a neighborhood at first – AND guess what? We have a secret spot…lol.

Well, it’s not really a secret.. but we tell the kiddie pies that it is.  It’s our spot, and I couldn’t wait to shoot there because of the radiant light that pours all over the ground. When sunset is happening (because I’m not a morning person to know otherwise) I knew it would photograph nicely, but I had no idea how special it was going to be to us.

We take walks in the evening throughout the community but this place is just magical. So do you wanna check it out?  Ok, step into our spot for a moment and feel the warmth during this brisk cool January day……and if you want to come and hang with me and kick up some dirt around sunset, bookit!

This day to me is all about being comfortable with the people you love the most.  Right?  Eating good food, doing nothing but smiling, laughing and for heavens sake…being comfortable.  However, this is also the time everyone pulls out there camera {i.e. me}  to take that “forever lasting” picture of you that you didn’t plan for.

There is such a thing as “being cute” and “being comfortable”.  It takes a bit of work but I try to pull it off as often as I can with two little ones in toe all the time. Here’s a little outfit I put together to let you see what I consider a Thanksgiving Comfort outfit.

by the way….I’m in love with this sweater, just in case anyone wants to tell Santa…lol

For me, this works!  I’m usually cold because someone will have the windows open because they’re sensitive to smells.  Plus, I always carry all of my hubby’s gadgets {phone, wallet…i.e.things to weigh down my purse}  in my bag so having a big enough “cute” purse is essential.    What are you wearing on Thanksgiving day?

Thanksgiving Day Comfort


Dorothy Perkins tie sweater
$49 us dollars –

Wet Seal denim skinny jeans
$33 –

Tory Burch flat heel shoes
$127 –

Mango woven bag
70 –  $109 us dollars

Dorothy Perkins gold tone jewelry
$11 us dollars –

sweet potato pie

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Close your eyes. Are they closed?  Ok, now picture this.  Have you ever walked into a room and passed someone, just a person that you would normally have not even noticed?  But….when you passed by them their scent just took you in?  almost as if someone was turning your head to follow them?  The scent that just makes you smile and makes you want to sit next to them?  Yes I’m “that” person.  I love beautiful smelling scents.  Musically & scent driven…that’s me!

My latest obsession is the Bloog Orange & Vanilla Body Milk and Wash by John Masters Organics.  Delish!!!  The thing I love most about this scent is when your outside and the wind is blowing it adds such a naturally sweet aroma to the air.  You will want to eat it up. You can pick up a bottle at your local Whole Foods, but of course check out their Facebook Page{my playground}.  Go check them out!

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