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Just as consistent as flies are to water, every year I take pictures of my kiddie pies for their birthday.  I know, weird analogy but it’s true.  As I sit and reminisce as they turned 6, I snapped it. They turn 9 I captured it here.  Almost 10, yep…I’m all over it.

I try to share most family milestones.  I thought I did but as I look back I see very few of myself…what about me? a.k.a., mommy, wifey?   Thank goodness for selfies (Instagram – personal).  Thank goodness for other photographers that know your pain and feel your steelo.  What did I look like at 32 when I had them?  What did I smile like when they turned 6?  I know I went to a Prince concert when I turned 40 but dang, how was my makeup that night?  I haven’t the faintest.  You know this story all too well.  Always behind the camera and never in front of the camera.

My littlest peanut (who’s almost 10) said to me last week, “let me do your make up so you can be pretty for daddy and then go out on the town.”  First thought was, “do we look that sad?”   Then I took the moment for what it was.  She wanted to make me prettier and then go out and have fun. That simple.  So why not capture this moment?  Until I can teach them fully about aperture and lighting I will be my own on-call photographer for those moments that just “pop up” in life.

What I love to eat:

Spinach and garlic.  Can’t get enough of it. You’ve seen the quintessential garlic eater down about a half of clove of garlic then minutes later the smell is seeping through their skin.  It doesn’t do that to me.  I must badly need garlic because my body takes it in and keeps it.

My favorite smell:

Market Kitchen Candle, Geranium + Ivy.  It’s just one of those smells you want to wallup you when you wake up to a spring morning.  It’s clean and delish.

What I discovered in my 41st year:

I don’t like my nails long. It’s just not me. I’m not into fake nails, gel nails or anything on my nails other than clear and the possible color polish.  I also like sitting still. Listening, looking and just being quiet.  You hear and learn so much more this way.

My favorite thing on people, other people:

Your smile. you can draw me in (genuine and true) with your smile or push me away (cold and fake).  Either way it’s my gateway to your soul and I unlock it everytime I see you.

What I want to pass to my children:

Lessons in life; Never expect anything for free, work hard for what you want, love unconditionally and purely.  Love life!

The moments pass me.   Not sure how I feel about missing tidbits just yet but I do know that now … since I’m out of our forever home working full-time, I find it harder to capture the moments.


the moments


The moments I use to thrive on to make it through the day.


the secrets


The secrets I would hear them sharing amongst a homemade teepee.  The same little people who drive me to the crazy of my day, I miss. I miss their smiles.   I miss their bickering of the silliest of thing.  the curl of peanuts neck when she’s pouting. The rosiness in chunks cheeks when he’s playing ball.  These little people are the derivative of love. Love that I need from my cowboy like a drug.  A 25 year old drug that I never want to go to counseling for.

They are us in a new way.  More spunkier, more direct. more defiant, more blunt and you know what?  I hate it so much I love it.  They are us ….but new and improved.  So smart, charismatic and savvy. I adore these little humans.  Yes, they drive me up the wall but that’s only because they are so far beyond anything that I can achieve and I’m trying to catch up :-)


What I’m doing about that is this….a challenge…for myself, no one but little ole me.

I no longer have “paying” clients BUT what I do have is time to capture what I want and how I want.  remember that?  i truly couldn’t so I’m stepping into uncharted territory.  Or should I say territory that I haven’t stepped into for a very long while.  I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m not sure where it will take me but i’m looking forward to connectections it will bring me, the growth and experiences….

She’s almost 9.  Up until last April she had not lost any of her baby teeth. And finally, it happened. She finally lost both of her two front teeth.  So, we’re celebrating!   Celebrating with a few happy dances of joY!!


I dread my birthday. I do and I’m sad to admit that. I dread it because it’s a confirmation that not only am I getting older but I reflect on am I truly where I wanted to be? Reality checker I guess.

This year I decided to do something a little different.  My cousin (an amazing principal and person) recently had a birthday and celebrated all week.  Not elaborate things but special things to her. I loved that idea to pieces so I decided to go that route this year also.  My week was A-mazing!  Why?  Because I made it amazing.  Seeing prince (Yes, I’m a HUGE prince fan – make-up and all), dining at all my favorite places and spending time with my favorite peeps.

I have to admit, having a party everyday took the pressure off of the actual “birthday”.  Do you know what I mean?  The pressure of, “hmmm…..wonder what we’re going to do today”.  On my actual birthday, I relaxed and enjoyed my family. Seriously, this is the way I will be doing it up from now going forward, finances in line of course.

My sweet mother always gives me flowers on my birthday.  I love it and look forward to it.  However, this year she gave me one of my favorite flowers (I have two).  Have you ever seen a sunflower that has color added and changes the water?  I had not and I fully fell in love with this gem. I mean, the sunflower in general is stunning but the added color…it truly almost didn’t look real it was so gorgeous.

Here’s to many more birthdays , time spent with loved ones who get you and special flowers.

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