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Being a deal blogger has opened up many opportunities for me and I’m grateful for them all.  When I left my healthcare career almost 7 years ago I had no idea that I would be sitting at a round table interviewing Octavia Spencer{ actress in the upcoming movie the Help} and sitting in a suite in the Mandarian Oriental Hotel the size of my house.  It’s amazing and surreal all at the same time.  I’m always excited to get dressed up with “going out” clothes and meeting other adults {true words from a stay at home some of the time mom.

Having the opportunity to interview Octavia along side other “mommy” {even though we are so much more} bloggers {Michelle, Lauren, Laureen} and top notch film critics {Patty & others} was …shall I say….AWESOME!  Octavia was down to earth, sweet and putting us all in stitches.  I recorded the whole thing but my sweeter than sweet husband was fixing my phone {you know….”fixing it to go faster…} get it!  and…”accidently – erased the entire interview.  Yes, that’s how that story went and that’s that.

The room…oh, the room.   It had it’s own galley Kitchen, bar area, living room, bathroom suite loaded with a dressing area the size of my upstairs.  It was incredible.

But…my favorite by far was the dining room. The lighting was opulent, sexy and chic all rolled up into one. Over looking the fabulous new City center.  It really was a piece out of a move “- so fitting right!”

I have not read The Book yet and everyone that I know that has has given me much grief.  BUT…..I have seen the movie and it is powerful!  You will want to go see it on opening day August 11, 2011.  One of the questions I had to ask her was, “What was it like acting along side the likes of Sissy Spacek & Cicely Tyson?”  Her response was just as mine would be.  Amazing!  Good luck ladies with your new film, much success!

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Aug 01, 2011

I love that even though we live in the desert my babies love to be as imaginative as their little brians will take them.  I would take the credit for all this but the hubby was raised in Montana and had lot’s of play time {probably more than me} so he’s full of imagination.  Playing dress up and being a master chef is my littlest peanut’s favorite thing to do.

With glasses and hair ribbon in hand she asks me, “can you take pictures of me in my play dress?”  Now, this play dress was her graduation dress from pre-school that no longer fits her {or does it?}.  She knew I couldn’t resist.  Take Pictures?  I’ve never said no.  I pop on my favorite lens and start to snap.  She turn it on and turns it off like a blink of an eye.  Even though she’s taking ballet classes now, I can tell she’s made for acting.  Seriously….she loves to put on little skits that she and her brother make up.

She’s a piece of my dream this one!  Love her.

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I don’t consider myself a pet photographer but this super high energy puppy {our puppy} was fun & challenging to capture all rolled up in one.  Meet Chase!  He’s 12 weeks old and we’ve had him for almost 2 weeks.  If you follow me on Facebook, you might have met Sophie.  We adopted her 6 weeks ago and unfortunately had complications.  Our little nest was lost without the cuteness of of a puppy scowling around.

So my hubby’s mind was set!  Our search began for Chase.  We didn’t know it at the time but he would quite the chase.  He is the most energetic puppy I’ve ever had and by the end of day, I’m not sure if he or my twins tired me out.  I’m sure it’s both.  By the way, if you have a pet, have you ever checked out the Martha Stewart line at Petsmart?  I adore it so.  The colors, quality and style are just the best!  Without further ado, meet Chase:


Yesterday I started the first of five days at the fab WPPI conference here in Las Vegas.  Mommy at a conference meant Cowboy had the kid-lets and they loved every minute of it.  We’ve all been terribly sick over the past two two weeks so there hasn’t been too much going on with 103 & 105 temps.  I think the one person that’s been truly affected by all this sitting inside getting well business is…..chunk.  He has the boy spirit like there is no body’s business.  If he’s not outside for at least 5 minutes in a days time, he’s going through withdrawals.  He doesn’t care what he does, doesn’t care who he’s with…just wants to be outside.  He so didn’t get this from me.  I can attribute all of this nature loving to daddy and his Montana hot blood.


While he waited for daddy to get dressed, sissy to primp in the mirror just to go outside and play…I snapped these pics of him waiting….waiting and waiting for anyone to come outside and play with him.

I love my little man, he’s going to be a very handsome, strong & loving man!